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      Defining your portrait. Which is right for you?  In addition to our Contemporary Familycontemporary (white background) portraits, we offer many portrait styles to accommodate your preferences, personality and décor. Please remember what you see here of my work is just a small fraction of the portraits I create. Feel free to ask my recommendations for your portrait or to discuss an idea you may have. You can call or stop by the studio to discuss the style and attire that is just right for your portrait.   BigWhiteGroup    


Traditional, Elegant Portraits   Preserve this time in your family's life with a classic Traditional Soloportrait. Our traditional portraiture, utilizing painted backgrounds and Rembrandt lighting, creates the mood of a finely painted portrait reminiscent of a Renaissance painting. For this portrait you would dress more formally (i.e. suit, dress, or gown).
You may then choose to finish your portrait with a fine wood frame that will compliment the décor of the most elegant of homes.
      Relationship Candids Sometimes the most endearing portraits are ones in which the Relationship Candidsubjects are not looking at the camera and are enjoying an intimate moment with each other. These interactive portraits can be playful, serious or tell a story. Creative cropping can enhance these images by focusing on the emotional connection between the subjects. They are a popular choice for parent-child, couple, sibling, multi-generational and family portraits.  A few of these images may be taken during a traditional portrait session or can be a sitting in itself        
      Casual Classic The Casual Classic portrait uses a medium to dark style background with more Casual Classiccasual clothing. Generally solid medium to dark long sleeve tops. This portrait looks great in Color as well as in classic Black and White and Sepia which is one of my favorites.    

Trad Group

      Special Moments, Creative One-of-a-kind images We offer unique portraits of 6-Baby on Pedday old to 36,000-day old subjects. We wish all of them could be displayed in our window. Please stop in for a free consultation and to see additional samples.        
      BusiBusinessness Portraits Have a professional picture taken for your web site, brochure, or public relations needs. Depending on your use, we will help you select the background and lighting to best portray your image.
      "Best Friend" Pet Portraits Dave's love of photography is not only expressed in his Pet Portraitportraits of people, but of animals as well. Let's not forget our best friend this holiday season. Including a pet in your family portrait or just a portrait of your pet alone will bring you many fond memories that you will treasure throughout the years. Pet portraits can be taken in our studio using one of our many backgrounds or on location at your home.        
Your home is a great choice for a location portrait. The familiarity of your home makes for a comfortable environment in which most tend to give their most natural and relaxed expressions. An interior portrait in the formal living room, foyer, or family room, or an outdoor portrait on the lawn, are popular options for your family photographs. A wonderful portrait taken at home is sure to bring back many fond memories when you look at the photo in the years to come.
Beach Portrait 2Another great location for outdoor portraits in the summer is on the beach. We usually photograph beach portraits in the Spring Lake area but can take your portrait on any beach that you choose. 
"Cutest Little Baby Face" kids head-shot portraits
Baby faces composite


Coffee Table BookThese books are a great way to share and display some of the many poses taken during your portrait session. Their pages can include a variety of expressions such as wide eyed serious, fun, silly and candid poses. We can make these books from new, old or a combination of portrait sessions. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles from 4x6 to 11x14 and can contain 10 photos/5 pages or more. So if you were waiting for a good idea for what to do with all of the nice poses you didn't take, this is a great one.


        POP ART PRINTS        
        http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=qqybiadab&et=1103712933799&s=980&e=001xhPBzI5n4G1uwMsuIoK8JzVYIJE4RKpnQY1pDOoQFSeyY3BagJN22jsfdoTPPOPPrS4QYvifzwXfCG5gFFz_gZKXqDaj7Cc_J_zhPBy632_GTmA0b5H3JQ== October Special Offer

We are now offering a cool Pop-Art print. This print can be made from any new or old headshot sitting and will cost just $99 for a 14x14 Print including a mini sitting during the week if needed. Or we can personalized it with your name in 14x16 for $125.